3D Measurement and Dimensional Analysis

  • IZMOD offers 3D Measurement and Dimensional Analysis, Quality Control and Reverse Engineering services to customers with its experienced staff.

    Our inspectors utilise various softwares including Catia, 3D Metrology software Geomagic Control X to verify dimensional readings and point clouds in real-time on initial inspection. Also Geomagic Design X for converting 3D scan data into high-quality feature-based CAD models, enabling a quick comparison. Inspection reports such as ISIR or custom inspection reports can be produced certifying the part has been manufactured to required tolerances.

    Reverse engineering of mechanical parts involves acquiring three-dimensional position data in the point cloud using laser scanner, Romer Absolute Arm 7350, representing geometry of the part in terms of surface points is the first step in creating parametric surface patches. Processced polymesh models are exported to CAD software for further analysis and inspection for CAM process.

    --> Dimensional Analysis
    --> Point cloud-to-CAD model comparison
    --> Contact and non-contact measurements using hard probe and 3D scanner
    --> 3D scanned Reverse engineering
    --> Manufacturing inspections
    --> Verification of product quality
    --> Computer generated inspection reports

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