Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM)

  • Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) is a multi-staged closed-mould process for mass production - 100 to 500+ units/year - of high-quality composite fiberglass or fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) parts. RTM involves placing a fiber preform in a matched mould tool, then injecting a thermosetting resin matrix into the closed mould cavity at low pressure. Once cured, the mould is opened and the part removed. #RTM Advantages --> Superior design flexibility to create complex shapes and forms, including compound curves. --> Excellent, uniform dimensional tolerance: average+/- 1.0mm or --> High fiber content - 25% to 50% fiber content by volume - creates a strong and light-weight finished product. --> Molded inserts, fittings, cores, ribs, bosses, and reinforcements possible. --> Low tooling fee reduces start-up costs and time-to-market. --> High material recovery and improved labour efficiencies yield decreased component production costs. --> Produces two finished sides, inside and out; Class A finish and multi-color capability. --> Reduced material waste and overspray. --> Environmentally-friendly closed-mold process lessens styrene emissions. --> Good surface quality

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