• Costumer satisfaction is the main objective of our organisation, we will continue to our business within standarts of our services, local legal regulations and laws, customer needs and requirements and İZMOD company procedures,

  • We do not damage to ecological balance with our company activities,

  • Waste minimization at first stage, recycling of the wastes and use the proper and legal procedures of disposing of wastes,

  • Using the energy, raw material and natural resources efficiently,

  • Continuous to develop and improve the management systems,

  • Prevent negative effects on health of our employees and the people who will be affected by our activities. Provide all necessary protection to control the accidents, damage and dangerous situations at the beginning before the happening for us and public,

  • In this direction, by improving the awareness of our employees about environmental and occupational health and safety, Quality Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety integrated management system to make the philosophy of life,

  • We will follow the hazards related to occupational health and safety with the same sensitivity and we will make every effort to minimize them,

  • We comply with our legal obligations, applicable Environmental and OHS regulations and the requirements of the organizations we are a member of,

  • We will work to improve the awareness of the concerned parties on Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety,

  • We will make our continuous improvement philosophy and systems compatible with the integrated management system in all processes and we will continuously improve its effectiveness and that we will encourage our employees to internalize it as a team and increase our market share, profitability and competitiveness,

  • By following the technological innovations in the sector simultaneously with the world, we are committed to meeting the needs and expectations of our customers in accordance with the management system requirements with our management and well-trained team.

  • General Manager
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